I don't tell her stuff....

Funny thing, my wife shows me her most recent entry in LJ, and doesn't know I have an account. But it is my fault... I didn't tell her. (Am I right? ) :-)

Anyway, now she's on my "Friends" list and all that, so I say this to her now:

"Now you know, and knowing's half the battle.... GIJOE!"

Luv ya hun!


    I'm not exactly sure what to write this time, but I've
been told to start a new Entry by my best friend...


    Musically speaking, I think that there is a lot of good
music circulating the airwaves.  One album that I would 100% reccommend to
everyone is the new Slipknot album.   Their third album is by far the
most diverse sonically, not to mention contains the best material to date. 
I chose to go the "legal" way and have a Napster account, which I have purchased
the new Album with...  you can click the Pic to go to the Slipknot Official
site if you desire.  (This is an old pic of the band and their outfits...)

    One of my favorite "features" of this
album is a two part song called Vermillion and Vermillion
pt. 2
respectively.  The initial song has a great set of guitar
riffs with lyrics.  The second song is acoustic with different lyrics...  
very cool as well.  I did a little digging of the word Vermillion
definition is as follows:

The adjective "vermillion" has 1
sense in WordNet.

1. vermilion, vermillion, cinnabar, Chinese-red -- (of a vivid red to
reddish-orange color)


    Granted, I am no expert
of Asian culture, but what is "Chinese-red" referring to?  Look up the
lyrics to the songs and let me know what you all think about the song(s) and the


I hate G.W. Bush. He needs to go. No, I am not associated to a political party, but he sucks. This is my Anti-Bush Campaign Poster:

That is all for now!